Match Report
Yarm School Girls-U14A vs  County Hockey t'ment
On: Monday, 02 Oct 2017
Venue: at Home

On the 2nd of October, the U14’s Girls Hockey squad took to the pitch at Yarm School to vie for the honour of being named county hockey champions. In our pool we had two games against Teeside High and Kings Academy. The first game against Teeside High saw Yarm School struggle to find their rhythm, falling a goal behind in the first five minutes. Luckily a goal was scored with mere moments to go on the clock allowing Yarm to clinch a 1-1 draw and prevent them from falling behind on the points table. Yarm eagerly watched as Teeside slid 3 goals past Kings , meaning that the girls knew they had to score 4 or more to go ahead of Teeside on goal difference and finish top of the group. They spark had been reignited in the Yarm squad and after a hard fought 15 minutes, Yarm came away with a 6-0 victory with goals coming from Evie , Amelia and Lexi. Yarm had secured their position at the top of Pool A. Following this, Yarm had a semi-final game against Egglescliffe School in which the girls began to take control of the pitch for themselves, out competing Egglescliffe both physically and with their superior stick skills. Amelia and Emily both securing goals and ending the timer with a 2-0 win to Yarm

Finally after a long day and many great plays on the pitch, Yarm set up for the final against Redhouse. A nail biting 15 minutes for both teams saw the momentum shift many times with Yarm creating goal scoring opportunities but not quite capitalising. With the seconds running down and Mr Vannet getting ready to select a team for penalties, Yarm released a fantastic hit from the top of the scoring zone. The goalkeeper managed to get her pads to the ball but the sheer force of the hit saw the ball continue over the goal line and secure the 1-0 victory for Yarm.

Congratulations to all involved and some medals and silverware to add to the collection.

Squad: Scarlett Evans(Vice-Capt), Claudia Hall, Cara Anthony, Sophie Brining, Charlotte Wood, Madeline Jackson, Alexandra Speight, Amelia Allen, Abigail Clements, Evie Clinkard, Abby Scott, Emily Scott, Alexandra Webb(Capt), Isobel Drummond.