Match Report
Yarm School Girls-U13A vs  Ashville
On: Saturday, 18 Nov 2017
Venue: at Home

The U13A team worrked hard in the first half, keeping the ball wide and creating many chances up front to take the lead. A good strong strike at a penalty corner by Poppy Gratton hit the back board and could have seen the Yarm side take the lead but it was not stopped outside first and so could not stand counted. Good play continued in the first half with Emily Dunn moving the ball and staying strong on the left hand side of the pitch but at half-time the score still stood frustratingly at 0-0. The first goal finally came a few minutes into the second half with another well taken penalty corner, switched back to Belle for the shot and great response to the rebound. Could this be the chance now for more goals? Yes, but sadly not for Yarm as a good Ashville side turned up the pressure and took advantage of a free player up front to equalise. After this Yarm had many chances to score but some shots were wide and others were saved by a good Ashville keeper. A good match of hockey with a frustrating result.