Match Report
Yarm School 2nd XI vs  Dame Allens
On: Wednesday, 29 Nov 2017
Venue: at Home

This match was one we organised at the last minute when we knew how many girls Dame Allan's could bring so in the end we made the best of it. We ended up playing 2 short halves which just about gave us time to get all 17 girls on the pitch for a run out. My aim is always to give as many a game as I physically can and those who played well last week in the 3rd X1 game got another run out. I am always pleased with how many girls want to play and their enthusiasm is brilliant. Katherine Dodds played well in goal and made some key saves as did Jess Coapes who was voted Pom by DA in the final half. Dame Allan's kept their better players on from the 1st X1 games so there was a miss match at times but defensively Katie Fox swept well and didn't dwell on the ball clearing ball after ball. Elizabeth Fenby had a good game alongside her and all in all we coped pretty well with their good players, In midfield Scarlet Hudson, A\nna Harrison, Lucy Jones and Lucy MCBain all contributed. In attack we chased the ball and tried to provide some respite for the defence. Jez Leith Ross impressed playing right half and Jen Banks was steady throughout. I have really enjoyed seeing this group and their attitude is first class. They are a pleasure to be with and long may that continue.

POM-Jez L-R (first half|) and Jess Coapes (second half)

Drew 0-0.