Match Report
Yarm School Girls-U14A vs  Durham High
On: Tuesday, 31 Oct 2017
Venue: at Home

Unfortunately, due to traffic problems, Durham High arrived significantly late to this fixture and so the match was cut down to a singular 35 minute half. Yarm U14 girls took to the field and quickly established their dominance as the stronger team on the pitch. Despite being the better team, we found ourselves being drawn into the narrow game that was played at a much slower pace than usual. It wasn’t long however, until the continual presses into the Durham scoring zone saw Lexii Speight put a goal around the Durham keeper and score Yarm’s first goal. From there, Yarm began to find their rhythm and some excellent runs off the ball by Sophie Brining allowed passes through to Amelia Allen and Evie Clinkard who helped set up the rest of our goals. Yarm found themselves 6-0 up at the final whistle and continue their season long unbeaten streak. Goal from Lexii Speight, Abby Clements, Amelia Allen and Emily Scott.