Match Report
Yarm School Girls-U14A vs  NORTH HOCKEY FINALS
On: Tuesday, 21 Nov 2017
Venue: Away

Tuesday the 21st of November saw the Under 14 Girls Hockey squad gear up for their North Regional Final at Wakefield Hockey Club. The team was currently sitting in the top 32 of the country but a win would see them going forward to the national finals and the top 8 schools in the country, a formidable challenge but one that the girls were keen to tackle head on.

Yarm took to the pitch against Kings Macclesfield and instantly realised that they would have to elevate their game to stand a chance of competing at this high level. A poor first half saw Yarm drop goals and excellent passing from Kings left Yarm in a weak position for the second half. Ultimately, despite some stronger plays, Kings had the advantage of a squad consisting of club players and their experience showed throughout the game. A loosing start to the tournament left Yarm in a disheartened state. After a talk from Mr Vannet and Ms Redhead the girls took themselves to the changing rooms to keep warm.

Fifteen minutes later, the U14's were on the sideline, warming up for their game against Queens Chester. A stronger start from the squad saw some excellent performances from Abigail Scott in defence, Izzy Drummond in midfield and from their captain , Alex Webb . A tighter passing game saw Yarm retain the ball for much longer periods but yet struggled to find a way into the scoring zone. A strong opposition and a few questionable decisions against Yarm saw the girls come away with another agonising loss.

Yarm had their final game of the tournament against Wakefield GHS. This game really showed the true heart and soul of the U14's Girls Team. Despite a disappointing day, the girls threw themselves at their final match with every last ounce of strength they had. We proved to everyone at that tournament that Yarm deserved to be there and competing for the national finals. A true game for the ages, the crowd rallied behind Yarm and urged us towards victory . Despite a powerful showing on the pitch , Yarm were outclassed once again by a team of club players and so left the tournament without a victory but with our heads very much held high.

A fantastic day and well done to all the girls involved for getting into the top 32 schools in the country.